the ghost and the darkness
can I ask your opinion? do you find it disrespecting, unloyal, and attention seeking that you're girlfriend post pics of her body? everyone seems to think that posting pics like that is so disrespecting to your significant other. my gf does it and I have no problem because at the end of the day I'm fucking her and she's faithful and loyal to me. I'm just tired of girls/guys getting shamed on for being body positive.

The internet will never change, people will always be jealous of others and talk shit anonymously if they can. What matters is how you and your significant other feel, that’s all you need to worry about.

fuck your dad

Or nah

Always praise yourself never a god because you are your own god


has your dad always had a beard?

Yep he’s a badass

Sat for 15-20 years, fixed some wiring issues and bam you see. So stoked to do this for my pop @gotwoodplugs

Lol "not these ones"

Yup 😎

whom do you worship ?

Myself lol

You get some of the funniest and shittiest anons. I love your attitude and sarcasm haha.

Thanks haha

What size crewneck are you?

I’m not sure my body is weird. I have long ass arms. I usually get larges and stretch the arms like crazy

I went all the way back to stuff you posted in 2012 hahahahaha


My favourite night with you was when we saw frankenweenie, was such a long time ago

I’m drawing a blank sorry

Did you ever play the Tony Hawkes games when you were younger?

Yuppp 👍👍👍

Along with the rest of the internet.

Nope not these ones 😊 but thanks for caring way too much about my life though. Haha